Get directions with google maps

Google Maps

Maps, back in the good old days were a fascinating look out because right from school we are taught how to read a map, mark various latitudes and longitudes but what really it helps with is tracking those intricate roadways to reach a particular destination. I’m sure as children or adults all of us have seen parents or even ourselves opening up those jumbo sized country map or lets say a particular state map incase we wanted to drive down, you’d even see your local city taxi chauffeurs perhaps keeping these city maps opened while you hired one to reach another area/locality, such were those days when we handled a full fledged paper maps to travel within our city or other cities or across the country.

Well the scenario is a lot more different today with everything at our fingertips courtesy Google, their constant strive to make technology better and innovative measures to make the applications and the usage so humongous  worldwide, the saying goes “The world is a Global village” is all because of the Internet and the advancing technology provided by Google.

Today let’s look at the Google Maps, in ways it has taken over the internet by storm. Google has always been on top of its game when it comes to being efficient in updating and bringing in its newest features and updates. They constantly strive to make all of their online services extremely user friendly and effective. Today we see how these maps have evolved from the satellite and aerial view of the place to now getting more detailed information about a particular destination from your local store to every petty building or space is also shown in the maps today such is the enormous features stored in those maps.

Let’s look at the various usefulness of Google Maps and how can you use them in an advanced way.

There is a new option to save your respective home and work address, this new feature helps you in saving your current location as home address this eliminates in repeated typing of your addresses also gets you a quick route option, click on the right top corner in order to see this option and also signing in into Google maps would be a good option as it helps in storing all the previous routes/ destinations that you used and can prompt you to use them while you open the app.

If you press on “search here” tool bar it gives you an option of petrol stations, chemists, supermarkets, cashpoints, post offices, restaurants and even Parking. These particular update is a big boon as it lists essential needs for anyone. Hence you do not really have to type or search for something in the time of need everything is at your fingertip and made convenient

You also have some Nearby places for example Pubs and Bars, Hotels, Shopping centers in case you do not know how to spend your day or say weekend then exploring Nearby places from Google definitely helps you planning on doing something.

If you have visited or say passed by a certain place and need to make a note of it, the good news is that Google Maps now will make a note of your place, you are given a prompt initially as you search for a place and all you need to remember is to pull up the info sheet on that place, there is an option to “save” which you click on and later pull up the destination, on the left corner you can also see an image of the particular place this gives you an idea of how the roads, buildings and the environment looks like. Something important to note is here as you tap on the destination on the map and when you open the info sheet you can scroll down to see hundreds of photos taken of that particular destination and make a mental note of it even before you go.

Isn’t it cool to rate your favourite spot or place well that’s a new feature that will allow you to rate on a scale of 1 to 5 about what you think of a place that you visited.

You can drop a pin to see the street, press and hold the area to enter a street view, to get directions or to simply share the location.

Other options to zoom in to view the location clearly other than pinching to zoom , you can double tap on the map and move / scroll up and down with your finger.

Now as we have listed very few yet significant changes we recommend you to take some time to review each update and the features on your phones, tablets or computers, even as we say this there is an option on the maps as you open and swipe to the right on your phones or in the menu section on your computers, you begin to see options of your places, timelines, language etc. you can now view the “Tips and Tricks” and the coolest part about this is that every feature and update about the maps are explained in detail for your benefit, something you’d also notice is that these are given for computer, Android and IOS.

Google regularly updates and puts a lot of effort in bringing innovative features that welfares the users across the world while making it a better place to be.