Memory Loss, ‪how can we prevent it

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Memory, simple ways to sharpen your memory, here I present things that can help you fight this challenge of memory loss where most of the time we say it’s due to ageing,

First, try to keep things organized so that when you have to find something it doesn’t require any memory at all. It’s a good idea to catalogue certain important things too. But make sure you can remember where you keep the catalogue or you will be in even bigger trouble.

Apart from trying to keep track of where you put your things, you might also want to try exercise.

Excercise helps stimulate the brain and nervous system and gives your body a boost. Mental and physical activity helps you keep body and mind in proper shape and active.

Following techniques can help improve your memory:

Let your senses work for you. For example, take a shower with a blindfold. This will stimulate your senses and help you remember details.

Try to be more attentive. For example, when listening to music, just listen to the sound of a single instrument. Distinguish it from the others. This can be a great way to enhance your senses.

Don’t follow your daily routine. Practice something different. Make a new schedule and practice that for a few days.

All these activities will help improve your memory. This improvement will happen as a result of the work you do in these activities.

Nature provides nutrients in ample measure, and it can also be helpful to take some nutrition and foods like Leafy green vegetables, Salmon and other cold-water fish, Berries and dark-skinned fruits, Coffee and chocolate, virgin oil, certain B vitamins etc. but seniors you need to check your medical report before choosing any one of this.

Exercise your mind, play some good brain games. Read books, Stay active, keep healthy diet. You will definitely benefit from the time you invest.